At Star Achievers we believe that nothing is out of reach for our children.  We have carefully designed a range of programs aimed to compliment our scholar’s diverse academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural interests.

Before and After Care Enrichment Programs (included) 

★ Tutoring:  English, Math, Reading, Science (1-5)

★ Violin ($100 Registration) (1-5)

★ Chess (1-5)

★ Arts & Crafts​ (PK-5)

★ Dance - African, Modern, Hip Hop (PK-5)

★ Martial Arts & Capoeira (PK-5)

★ Music Production (3-5)

★ Young Playwrights' Theater (3-5)

★ Play 30 (PK-5)

★ Character Development (1-5)

★ STEM:  Robotics, Bridge Design & Construction,                   Aerospace Technology





If you want to improve your child's analytical skills and problem solving ability, then enroll your students in Robotics, Bridge Design & Construction, plus Aerospace Technology.



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      ★ Mentoring Minds Through Music 
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During the year, PK3 - 5th grade students will learn martial arts and move their bodies to the rhythm of Latin Percussion, Capoeira, and Brazilian Dance! 

Does your child desire better footwork and dream of becoming more agile, then enroll your PK3 - 5th grade students in Super Soccer Stars during the first and 4th quarters with Washington DC's premier Soccer League.  

"No School Days"

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★ Marvin Cofield Basketball & Fitness

If your child lacks the gene to move to the beat of Zumba or Hip Hop Dance, then maybe they need to spend some quality time with the Marvin Cofield Basketball Program at Star Achievers. It's where we build sound basketball fundamentals, next-level skills and where proper team concepts are taught.

Sessions consist of a variety of fitness activities, skill-building drills, scrimmages and much more. We take advantage of state-of-the art basketball training equipment, and we're inserting new training innovations all the time.