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  Before Care Drop Off Policy

Star Achievers before care drop-off in the morning is available starting at 7:30am and no later than 8:10am. This allows for staff to set up before children arrive before open and to transition our students at 8:10am to their designated day-school locations.


If a family arrives before our 7:30am start window, they must wait until 7:30am to be welcomed into the building. 


If a family arrives after our drop-off window ending at 8:10am, they must wait until 8:20am for regular Shepherd Elementary school to open to drop-off their child at their designated drop-off location. 


As per DCPS policies and Shepherd elementary school policies; Adults are not allowed to enter the building without prior approval from the school’s administration. Therefore, students are expected to walk to our designated space inside the building, where they will be greeted by our staff members. 

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