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Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Meeting called to order: 8:04 pm



Tami Weerashinga, President

Mark Pattison, Vice President

Seth Johnson, Treasurer

Dana Ju, Secretary

Briony Varda

Lyz Daly

Sharron Goodie

Cendrine Robinson

Rhonda Davis Smith

Angela Jasper, SESSA

Byron Greene, SESSA

  1. Approval of 8.23 Meeting Minutes

    1. Amend meeting minutes to reflect a call for a motion

    2. Motion to approve meeting minutes called by Treasurer

    3. Motion seconded by President

    4. Motion passed unanimously

  2. Approval of new board member application

    1. Motion to approve new board candidate put forth by President

    2. Motion seconded by Vice President

    3. Motion passed unanimously

  3. Possession of all bank cards, technology in now in the hands of SESSA staff

  4. Facilities Usage Agreement + Insurance Packet Submission/Outstanding Issues

    1. Current discussions with DGS

    2. Complete all additional paperwork and forms and submit

    3. DGS took the checks

    4. As soon as they receive all of the necessary documentation and our intended start date we should be ok to move forward

    5. Workmen’s compensation agreement also needs to be submitted

    6. Mr. Greene to send a follow up email to Ms. Cobb establishing and confirming everything he and Ms. Cobb discussed in person

    7. Board president to follow up with Principal Russell to ensure there is open communication and everyone is on the same page regarding space usage 

  5. Update on program operations status

    1. Current enrollment numbers are 96 students

      1. 36 before care

      2. 94 after care

      3. 4 basketball

      4. 18 soccer

      5. 6 robotics

    2. Vendors-what vendors will return, what's outstanding to confirm

      1. Still awaiting a response for the dance instructor

      2. Music instructor confirmed

    3. Staffing

      1. Four returning staff members

      2. Five staff hired, 6 additional staff need

      3. Program lead-this position was offered to a candidate with 30 years experience, as soon as we have further clarification 

      4. Front desk receptionist needed

      5. Pre-K aftercare lead needed

      6. Floater position needed

      7. K aftercare lead needed

      8. Recruit staff using

      9. Board members will help screen potential new hires

      10. Potential to offer signing and retention bonuses to potential candidates 

    4. Refunds and Pro-rating

    5. Scholarships    

    6. Finances/Banking

      1. Have access we need

      2. In communication with PNC bank on necessary documentation 

  6. Next communication with SESSA community 

    1. No community-wide updates needed at this time

    2. Will communicate closer to re-opening 

  7. Executive Director Position

    1. Salary

    2. Signing bonus contingent on staying through October of 2023-2024 SY

    3. Amend description to reference enjoying working with young children

    4. This is a top priority for hiring

  8. Program Associate Position

    1. Salary range

    2. Amend description to reference enjoying working with young children and working knowledge of program operations 

  9. Hiring search committee

    1. Motion to create a search committee to hire next ED put forth by President

    2. Motion seconded by board member Sharon Goodie

    3. Three board members volunteered to serve on the search committee

  10. Necessary follow up/action items

    1. Board members will help with interviewing and screening candidates

    2. Mr. Greene will coordinate with specific board members

  11. Consultancy services

    1. Move to approve consultancy services payments for Mr. Greene and Ms. Jasper put forth by President

    2. Motion seconded by board member Briony Varda

    3. Motion unanimously approved


Meeting adjourned: 10:27 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)


Tami Weerasingha, President

Mark Pattison,Vice President

Seth Johnson, Treasurer

Secretary Dana Ju

Angela Jasper, Star Achievers

Rhonda Davis Smith, Board Member

Danielle Moody, Star Achievers

Briony Varda, Board Member


Meeting called to order: 8:10 pm

  1. Approval of May Meeting Minutes

    1. Motion to approve meeting minutes put forth by President Tami Weerasinga

    2. Motion seconded by Secretary Dana Ju

    3. Motion unanimously approved 

  2. Financial Update

    1. Bank Balance

    2. Net Income

    3. Operating Expenses

    4. Monthly Income

    5. Total Expenses 

  3. Program Update

    1. Update on Facilities Usage Situation

      1. ED reached out multiple time to DGS, DPR and DCPS to request usage for (but received no response)

        1. Gym

        2. Multipurpose Room

        3. Two + classrooms

      2. Paperwork needs to be submitted no later than 20 days before the start of the first day of school (August 29)

      3. Try to determine when DPR is going to announce offerings for 2022-2023 Shepherd Community Center programming

      4. Push DCPS Central to include SESSA in their facilities usage

      5. Permit application window starts 6/27/22-7/6/2022

      6. Go back to Dr. Hedlund before she leaves to see if we can push her to sign

    2.  Programming capabilities without facilities usage

      1. Result in forcing us to cap aftercare spots in order to keep the integrity of the program

      2. Not enough spots for all children in the Shepherd community would be really problematic for the school

      3. Ideally we have cafeteria 5 days a week in the mornings and the gym a few days a week

          3. Timeline for selecting vendors for 2022-2023 SY.

  1. End of Year Activities

    1. Carnival

    2. Splash and bubbles

    3. Luau

    4. 5th grade recognition

    5. Staff goodie bags

  2. Gift or Payments from SESSA to Shepherd ES fundraising

  3. Healthier snacks for 2022-2023 SY

    1. Develop list of healthier snack choices

    2. Determine if there is storage space or refrigeration space available


  1. New Position Recruitment (for Ms. Jasper’s replacement)

    1. Ideal candidate skills and experience

    2. Responsibilities

    3. Support systems to set this position up for success and maintain the success, growth and integrity of SESSA

    4. Change in title for position: Program Associate Support

    5. Salary (28k-35k range)

    6. Posting–Idealist, Indeed, Career Monster, university job boards, internal consideration for current SESSA staff member)

    7. Offering a health stipend

    8. Post no later than 6/27

  2. End of Year Newsletter

    1. Announce Ms. Jasper’s leaving

    2. Slide show of the year


Meeting adjourned: 9:14 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)


President Tami Weerasingha

Vice President Mark Pattison

Treasurer Seth Johnson

Secretary Dana Ju

Briony Varda, Board Member

Angela Jasper, Star Achievers

Danielle Moody, Star Achievers


Meeting called to order: 8:07 pm



  1. Introduction/review of agenda

  2. Vote to approve minutes for April meeting

    1. Motion to approve minutes put forth by President

    2. Motion seconded by Treasurer

    3. Motion unanimously approved for approval of April meeting minutes

  3. Vote on revised waiver

    1. Parents will sign a waiver as part of the SESSA application process

    2. Waiver language was updated per discussion with SESSA counsel

    3. Motion to approve waiver as proposed put forth by Treasurer

    4. Waiver will be incorporated into the next school year’s application process

    5. Motion seconded by Vice President

    6. Motion unanimously approved–approved new waiver as part of application process.

  4. Financial update

    1. Net income

    2. Operating income

    3. Forgiven PPP loan

    4. Bank balance

    5. Income

    6. Expenses

  5. Update on programsSpace and Facilities Usage                                                                                                               A.  1. Need for cafeteria space to effectively carry out SESSA activities                                                                               2. SESSA space is quite limited and this would increase our capabilities and quality of resources to students               3. Currently it is only allowed to be used by SESSA for before care                                                                                 4. Go back to DPR to negotiate use of space, especially the cafeteria and ensure SESSA gets the appropriate                 forms signed off on by Shepherd administration prior to the end of the year                                                               5. Any official ask should come from Shepherd ES not SESSA                                                                               B. Before care enrollment- 55                                                                                                                                           C. Aftercare enrollment-109                                                                                                                                           D. Drop ins 223                                                                                                                                                               E. No additional enrollment to enrichment programs                                                                                                       F. Themed Fridays in June

    1. Field Day

    2. Carnival Day

    3. Splash Day

    4. Aloha to Summer

    5. SESSA Staff Appreciation

    6. Appreciation to Shepherd's staff who let SESSA use their space

    7. Board can approve a budgetary request for SESSA staff appreciation

    8. 2022-2023 SY Planning

      1. Open program to non-Shepherd students

      2. Staff retention for next year-working on confirming staff members

      3. Likely offer similar enrichment activities as the current school year

      4. Communications

      5. PikMyKid app efficiency/usage data

  6. Discuss anticipated Staff Transitions

    1. Angela's departure

      1. Transition out and finish up her role with SESSA at the end of the school year

      2. Willing to come back on an hourly basis as needed for 2022-2023 training of staff replacement

    2. Hiring for replacement

      1. Timeline for hiring–post job and candidate selection the last week of June to have someone in place over the summer

      2. Draft job description to be shared with the board for review in early June

      3. Angela should provide guidance on the job description and ideas for the right candidate and responsibilities that accurately meet the needs of the program, ED and SESSA staff

      4. Communicate the transition/new staff member to the SESSA community

    3. Moving Danielle Moody to ED position

      1. Next steps include discussing an appropriate salary

      2. Health benefits

      3. Formal job description and offer will need to be presented to Danielle for consideration

      4. Proposed salary range $50-$55k–ensure this is financially feasible and sustainable.


Meeting adjourned: 8:52

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Present: Mark Pattison, Dana Ju, Danielle Moody, Angela Jasper, Tami Weerasingha, Seth Johnson, Rhonda Davis Smith

Meeting called to order: 8:02 pm

  1. Approval of March Meeting Minutes

    1. Motion to Approved

    2. Motion approved unanimously


  1. ADA Policy & Compliance Waiver

    1. Discussion of specific options and language for potential policy

    2. Education requirements of the ADA to not apply to SESSA

    3. Legal recommendations/implications from counsel

    4. Provide clear statement on our website and other informational materials clearly outlining what we can and can’t provide as an institution


  1. Scholarship Policy

    1. Proposed language

    2. Communication of a potential SESSA policy

    3. Legal implications/recommendations from counsel

    4. Implement language into our annual business plan as our ability will vary from year to year

    5. ED will bring this to the board, annually, in August for review and feedback

  1. Program Update

    1. Beforecare 55

    2. Aftercare 110

    3. Drop In 192 total to date

    4. Enrichment programs have stayed the same with the exception of soccer which has increased in enrollment

    5. No School Days

      1. 45 enrolled for March 10

      2. 41 enrolled for March 11

      3. April 18 is the last NSD for the year

      4. Online training for SESSA staff

    6. Motion to approve certification trainings for all SESSA staff members

      1. Motion to approve for all staff training

      2. Motion approved unanimously

  1. Health + Wellness Fair

    1. May 12th the PTO will host a health and wellness fair at Shepherd ES, inside and outside the school

    2. Opportunity for SESSA scholars to enjoy the fair and visit the different stations and activities

    3. Little ones (PK3/4) will stay in the multi-purpose room and older kids can have the opportunity to move around the school to experience the various activities

    4. PTO will coordinate with SESSA staff



Meeting adjourned: 9:29 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Present: Mark Pattison, Dana Ju, Tami Weerasingha, Seth Johnson, Angela Jasper, Danielle Moody, Briony Varda


Meeting Called to Order: 8:01 pm


  1. Meeting minutes for February review

    1. Motion to approve

    2. Motion approved unanimously

  1. Financial Updates

    1. Cash on hand

    2. Expenses

    3. Net Income

    4. Taxes have been filed for 2021


  1. Programs Update

    1. Before care 55

    2. Aftercare

    3. Drop Ins 164

    4. Enrichment enrollment has remained the same

    5. Soccer just started today for the spring session-23 enrolled

    6. Crazy Eights math club started

    7. Additional STEM projects will also take place throughout the rest of the school year


      1. 28 enrolled for Thursday

      2. 29 enrolled for Friday

      3. Enrollment numbers are likely to increase before the end of the week

      4. Next NO SCHOOL DAY is in April

    9. Hiring

      1. Offers went out to two more people today to replace two staff members lost in January

      2. Aim to hire two more floaters to assist with program needs

    10. Ms. Jasper works with aftercare leaders to provide ongoing training


  1. Playground Injury of PK3 Student

    1. Overview of situation

    2. Review of communication with parent regarding the incident

    3. Response and action taken by Star Achievers

    4. Raises the question if more training or education should be provided for SESSA staff to provide them with information and guidance on how to treat minor injuries, what sort of symptoms to look for as it relates to minor injuries or falls.

    5. Recommended teaching session on common childhood injuries for the SESSA staff

    6. Have some written training materials for new hires as part of a new hire packet as it relates to administering first aid, treating common injuries, etc.

    7. Improving methods of communications and responsiveness to parents.

    8. Highlight a staff member as sort of a “Get to Know A SESSA Staff Member”

    9. Send out a list of aftercare staff names, roles and photos so parents have a better sense of the staff and help improve communication and connection between families and SESSA


  1. Review SESSA policies - ADA compliance, liability waiver, scholarship policy

  1. Scholarship and TANF proposal

    1. How many students are currently on scholarship

    2. What is the total amount/costs per year

    3. What sort of documentation do we currently have


  1. ADA Compliance

    1. Proposed policy language review

    2. This is a document we would not need to change

    3. Gives both the organization and families protection

    4. What aspects might apply to a small non-profit like SESSA

    5. What is realistic for SESSA given our resources and staffing model


  1. Limited Liability Waiver

    1. Proposed language review

    2. Signed by parent of any participating child every year


Meeting Adjourned: 9:14 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

February 3, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Present:  Seth Johnson, Dana Ju, Mark Pattison, Angela Jasper, Tami Weerasingha, Danielle Moody, Briony Varda, Rhonda Davis Smith

Meeting called to order: 8:07 pm

I. Introduction/review of agenda


II. Vote to approve minutes for December and January meeting

  1. Move to approve

  2. Unanimously approved


III. Financial update

  1. Balance Overview

  2. Cash on hand

  3. Expenses

  4. Income


IV. Update on program

  1. Beforecare- 56 enrolled

  2. Aftercare- 114 enrolled

  3. Drop ins-112

  4. Some new enrollments in robotics

  5. Basketball - 8 students

  6. NO SCHOOL DAY-52 enrolled with profit $2650.16

  7. Next NO SCHOOL DAYS are March 10 + 11

  8. Crazy Eights Math- grades K-5 (one hour per week)


V. Space + Usage

  1. No changes to existing room usage

  2. Space is still somewhat of a limiting factor

  3. Cold weather has been challenging to get kids outside

  4. Notice a change in custodial staff in the building so SESSA has step up their cleaning protocols to ensure the space is clean at the end of the day

  5. Parents want their children to have access to programming but don’t want to pay the drop in rate

  6. Open up programming offerings to students who are not currently enrolled in aftercare if we can do it safely

  7. Can drop in for classes be implemented at this time to allow for students/families to utilize some of the program offerings as long as it is not a burden on SESSA staff and ensure that parents pick up their children immediately following the class they are signed up for.

  8. Perhaps offer different rates for


VI. Vendors

  1. No changes or additional vendors at this time

  2. Theater and soccer are the only additional vendors that come in throughout the year


VII. Policies for accommodations for childrens with special needs or disabilities and  for families that have limited financial capacity

  1. Work with the attorney on retainer to develop and draft two individual policies on the respective issue for the board to review

  2. Two board members will come back to the board with a proposed policy in the spring


VIII. TV watching in aftercare

  1. Younger kids watch a video story during snack time

  2. Sometimes a short video clip is used during transitions from one activity to the next

  3. Sometimes video will be played to support content or a lesson

  4. The students are watching on the classroom smart boards


VIIII. Board Recruitment

     A.   Continue board recruitment from the parent community

     B.   Would we consider allowing extended family members with children either currently or previously at the school

     C.   Continue to advertise in the PTO newsletter.


Meeting adjourned: 8:55 pm


Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2022

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Present: Dana Ju, Seth Johnson, Rhonda Davis Smith, Mark Pattison, Tami Weerasingha, Briony Varda


Meeting called to order:8:03 pm

  1.   SESSA Staffing

    1. Situational Update

    2. Proposed ED Job Description

    3. Current salary rates and proposed salary is comparable to similar jobs at other after care programs

    4. Current ED Byron Greene will stay on until January 14th

    5. Phone, tech services –what is operational and functionable and responsiveness of ED to parents, board members and Shepherd ES personnel 

    6. Communicate clearly to families who is in charge and who they can be in touch with during before and aftercare

    7. Ensure that the board understands how federal and D.C tax returns are handled


II. Health care benefits/plans to review


III. Vote to extend a job offer with an annual $5000 reimbursement for health care benefits to Danielle Moody to take the position of SESSA Executive Director

  1.  Motion to Approve

  2.  Unanimously approved                                                                                             


IV.  Recognition of Byron Greene

      A.  Art project from SESSA kids

      B.  Monetary gift and card

      C.  Letter from the board of directors

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