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Students will only benefit from Star Achievers with consistent attendance, and being actively involved.  Please provide advance notice to Star Achievers if you know your child will be dismissed early or absent from the program.  Any communication regarding attendance should be sent via email to

Students with Special Needs

All Aftercare staff will provide reasonable accommodations to ensure the child(ren)’s successful participation in the before or aftercare program.  To address additional accommodations, please contact

Ratio of Aftercare Leaders to Students

Our enrichment programs and classes typically have an adult-to-student ratio of 1:20. In order to address the needs of a particular student population, Star Achievers will determine how best to provide additional support on a case-by-case basis. This could mean a 1:10 or 1:15 ratio in the instance that extra support is needed to ensure student safety and success.  

School Hours, Arrival, & Dismissal

  • School hours are 8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

  • Before school supervision is provided by Star Achievers Program Aides (7:30 – 8:30). The school provides supervision of students on the playground or lower turf field for aftercare only. Students arriving before 8:35 must be under the care of a parent/guardian. 

  • Dismissal takes place promptly at 3:10 for Pre K and K and 3:15 for grades 1-5. Students are expected to remain with their teachers until they are released to the designated location for students in aftercare. Students may not remain on campus to play after school unless under the direct supervision of an engaged and attentive parent/guardian. Star Achievers provides aftercare until 6:30. Star Achievers provides a rigorous enrichment program ranging from performing arts to STEM.

Early Dismissal

Parents, guardians, and other approved caretakers need to report to the office and sign the Early Dismissal book before a student is allowed to leave the school grounds. No student may leave the school grounds without being signed out by an authorized caretaker. Parents should not go to the classroom to pick up a child. The child will be called to the front desk and the authorized guardians will wait in the front entrance.  In addition, parents are encouraged to send notes from home if an early dismissal is needed.  You may also send an email the operations manager either or in advance.  Students will not be released without written authorization or confirmed call by the parent or legal guardian.





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