Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2021

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Present: Mark Pattison, Seth Johnson, Rhonda Davis Smith, Ronee Jarman, Dr. Phyllis
Hedlund, Angela Jasper, Andrea Goodman, Byron Greene, Danielle Moody, Tami Weerasingha


Meeting Called to Order: 8:02 pm
I. Update from Shepherd Elementary School Principal, Dr. Hedlund
     A. Aftercare will not operate in Term 3
     B. Unclear if aftercare is able to operate
     C. Status of Use of Community Center for Shepherd Elementary
     D. Issue with Shepherd and SESSA using the space as promised
     E. Advocacy outreach to DPR, Councilwoman George, DCPS Central to push for
         SESSA needs
     F. Motion to SESSA board to oppose DPR breaking its promise to give SESSA and
         Shepherd Elementary full access to the Community Center through 6:30 pm.
         Motion unanimously approved and to take the next action items to advocate for
         SESSA/Shepherd ES intended use of the Community Center:
             1. Reach out to PTA-TW
             2. Reach out to Mayor’s Chief of Staff- SJ
             3. Reach out to At-Large Councilmember Robert White-RW
             4. Reach out to Shepherd Neighborhood Association-MP
             5. Reach out to LSAT-DJ
             6. Reach out to DPR-DJ
             7. Reach out to Councilwoman George’s office-RS + SJ
             8. Put together a petition/letter- TW+BG


II. Approval of December Meeting Minutes
     A. Motion to approve
     B. Motion unanimously approved


III. Grants & Funding Opportunities
     A. Five grant applications submitted
     B. Walmart Community Grant- $1,000 approved
     C. Walmart Community Grant-$1,000 approved
     D. Community Education Grant and STEM Education Grant-reporting requirements
         for success rates are substantial, metric specific, and time-intensive
     E. In our best interest to apply for non-restrictive grants
     F. Gauge eligibility to apply for PPP
     G. Keep an eye out for additional DC-specific relief funding


IV. Financials

     A. Balance
     B. Net Expenses
     C. Grants
     D. Refund on facilities
     E. Payroll


Meeting adjourned: 9:20 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2020

8:00 - 9:30 (Conference Call)

Present: Mark Pattison, Tami Weerasingha, Byron Greene, Seth Johnson, Ronnie Jarman,
Danielle Moody, Angela Jasper, Dana Ju, Andrea Goodman, Rhonda Davis Smith, Callie

Meeting called to order: 8:04 pm
I. Review and Approval of October Meeting Minutes
   A. Motion to approve
   B. Motion seconded and passed unanimously


II. Application to Approve a New Board Member

   A. Review of application
   B. Motion to add candidate to the board
   C. Motion approved unanimously


III. Ongoing board recruitment

   A. Continue parent recruitment, they are the best to represent the program and
       support the board
   B. Ongoing conversations with parents who might have an interest in serving on the
   C. It will remain difficult to recruit new members at this time until the program is able
       to be fully operational again.


IV. DCPS Re-Opening

   A. CARES Classrooms status update
   B. No in person learning for DCPS students at this time
   C. DCPS Aftercare programs are not allowed to operate at this time while DCPS is
       not operational


V. Financials

   A. Current balance
   B. Current total monthly expenditures
   C. Scenario planning for necessary funding to continue operations
   D. Estimated and projected security and facility use fees February-June
   E. Profit and Loss
   F. Potential budget shortfall


VI. Potential Options to Generate Revenue

   A. Look for grant opportunities that could help bridge the funding gap and help with
   the shortfall

   B. Go to school administration to let them know of our financial situation and
   potential funding gap so they are aware
   C. Board member to create pitch letter for potential funding opportunities
   D. SESSA Program Manager will look into education specific funders that might be
   able to provide a small grant
   E. SESSA ED to reach out to ANC Member Stacy Lincoln for support and guidance
   F. SESSA ED to look into applying for a loan (30k-50k) with our existing bank
   G. Parent + Community fundraisers
   H. Borrow funds from the PTA
   I. Re-evaluate in January/February where things stand and what the situation with
   potential school re-opening may look like


Meeting Adjourned: 9:20 pm

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