Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2020

8:30 - 9:30 (Conference Call)


Present: Brian Bradley,, Alisha Commodore, Dana Ju, Tami Weerasingha, Andrea Goodman,
Byron Greene, Danielle Moody, Angela Jasper


Meeting Called to order at 8:45 pm

I. Review & Approval of the last 2 (two) meeting minutes for February and March
   A. Motion to Approve Meeting Minutes for February, 2020 approved unanimously.
   B. Motion to Approve Meeting Minutes for March, 2020 approved unanimously.
II. Grant Updates
   A. Awarded an $11,709.25 grant from D.C. Small Business Recovery Microgrant.
   B. Currently going through paperwork to receive the funds.
   C. That was the only grant that SESSA applied for.
   D. SESSA did not apply for PPP because 75% of the staff would need to be
       retained for the entire month of June so it disqualified our ability to apply.

III. Staff Updates
   A. SESSA staff were very appreciative that they were compensated through the end
       of May.

IV. Review of Finances through May 22
   A. Total Income
   B. Enrichment Expenses
   C. Total Payroll for Year
   D. Total Expenses
   E. Net Income: $57,000
   F. One more payroll expense at approximately $15,000
   G. $117,000 Retained Earnings
   H. Approximately $4700.00 will go back to families who will be reimbursed for

       prepayment of aftercare for the entire school year.
V. Review / Vote on Legal Docs
   A. Organizational policies and Procedures document need to be drafted to be
       implemented for the next school year and moving forward
   B. Financial funds
   C. Incoming Students with disabilities
   D. Drop-off and pick up policies

   E. Putting the organization in a place where we are safe and provides guidance,
       with the ability to amend as needed.
   F. Motion to have SESSA attorney to join the next board meeting to discuss the
       proposed financial aid document and the proposed ADA document (to be
       discussed at June meeting). Motion approved unanimously.

VI. Succession planning
   A. Brian Bradley, current Treasurer will leave the board at the start of the 2020-2021
       school year.
   B. Alisha Commodore will remain for one more meeting (June)
   C. There are currently three open positions on the board.
   D. Board members should think about how the board should move forward and try
       to identify new candidates that might serve.
   E. Create messaging around candidate recruitment to help potential board
       prospects better understand the importance of joining the SESSA board.


Meeting adjourned at 9:51 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2020

8:30 - 9:30 (Conference Call)



Roll Call:
Alisha Commodore
Dana Ju
Andrea Goodman
Brian Bradley
Byron Greene
Danielle Moody
Angela Jasper
Tami Weerasingha
Callie Eideberg

Meeting Called to Order: 8:35 pm


Tuition Reimbursement
    A. Reimburse all prepaid tuition for the month of April and not charge
    B. Ask families to use their monthly tuition or a portion of their monthly tuition as a
        non-profit donation to SESSA
    C. Motion: The Board approves to stop auto payment tuition for April and reimburse all
        families that have prepaid and include an option for donations to SESSA.
        Motion Approved. Passed unanimously.
    D. Motion: Reimburse tuition in the event that school
    E. Tuition reimbursement for May will be taken into consideration by the Board should
        DCPB further determine that school will remain closed through the remainder of the
        month of May or the remainder of the calendar year.
    F. SESSA executive staff will prepare and send a note to parents regarding tuition payment
        and reimbursement.


SESSA Staff Payment for Remainder of School Closure
    A. SESSA working hours: 15/week for those staff that just do aftercare and 22 hours for
        those staff that do aftercare and before care. All staff are employed part-time.
    B. This does not include vendors/enrichment providers. There is no cost to SESSA for
        vendors/enrichment providers for the month of April.
    C. SESSA leadership is working with their aftercare leaders to submit lesson plans so
        families can provide lesson plans at home to SESSA scholars.

    D. Federal and/or local grants and other forms of economic relief
        for non-profits will likely be available in the coming weeks. If
        SESSA remains closed, this is something we could look into to
        offset potential financial hardship.
    E. Motion: SESSA will commit to pay all SESSA staff through the end of April.
        Motion Seconded
        Motion Approved. Passed unanimously.
    F. Motion: SESSA will commit to all SESSA staff through the end of May regardless if
        DCPS is in session.
        Motion Seconded
        Motion Approved and Passed with one abstention.
    G. SESSA executive staff will message to staff about payment for March-end of May and
        what is expected from the staff in return.


Board to reconvene in April to discuss general meeting agenda items and draft a policy for
reimbursements for circumstances beyond our control.


Meeting adjourned: 9:30 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2020

8:30 - 9:30 (Conference Call)


Present: Alisha Commodore, Dana Ju, Brian Bradley, Shaila Gupta, Tami Weerasingha
Andrea Goodman, Byron Greene, Angela Jasper


Meeting Called To Order at 8:37 pm

I. No-School Days
   A. Reimbursement
       1. All families registered for 3/16/20 were reimbursed by Star Achievers
       2. $2033 in total refunds
   B. Staff Not Compensated for this particular PD Day
II. Employee Compensation
   A. Staff is generally not paid during DCPS Spring Break week
   B. $7,000 in staff salary per week= $91,000 in total payroll for the remainder of the
   C. Board is in agreement that SESSA should pay staff for the week of March

III. Tuition Reimbursement for March 23-27th
   A. Board will develop a unified message/talking points to communicate to families
       about potential conditions for reimbursement and remaining support/tuition for the week
       of March 23-27th.
   B. Motion to approve development of a unified message/talking points around
       potential conditions for reimbursement for the week of March 23-27th with intent to have
       messaging available on an as needed basis and to discourage potential financial harm
       to SESSA. The language will be circulated among the board for review as approval.
IV. Contingency Planning- Closed for Remainder of School Year 2019-2020

   A. SESSA staff is currently hourly
   B. SESSA is not obligated to pay staff if they do not work
   C. SESSA has enough funds to pay staff through the remainder of the year with the
       exception of one month
   D. Board agrees that our reserves will not be used to deplete organizational funds
   E. Mr. Greene to get updated financials to Board by March 30th
   F. Connect families to SESSA vendors/enrichment providers to for a possibility of
       offering virtual classes/services

VI. Next Meeting
IV. Current Financials

   A. $182,000 currently in bank account (including income through February 24)
       $46,000 payment upfront
       $98,000 expected in remaining tuition payments
   B. Net income through February is $104,000 less anything we would reimburse to families that
       have pre-paid
       Raise the annual fee for SY 2020-2021


Meeting Adjourned: 9:45 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2020

6:30 - 8:00 (In Person)

Present: Brian Bradley, Jasmine Riley, Alisha Commodore, Angela Jasper, Byron Greene,
Tami Weerasingha, Andrea Goodman, Callie Eidenberg, Ms. Moody


I.   Call to Order at 6:37pm 
II.  Approval of January Meeting Minutes 
III. Motion to Approve Meeting Meetings passed with all in favor
IV. Review of Budget & Finances
     A. Income To-Date
     B. Payroll
     C. Equity/retained earnings
     D. Balance/Cash on Hand
     E. Planning for next year’s expenses/employee benefits

V. Programming updates
     A. PD days
     B. Valentine’s Day cards made by students and distributed to elderly citizens
         at community church (community service activity)
     C. New playwright special
     D. National Engineer’s Week
     E. Read Across America observing next week
     F. Behavioral disciplinary policy now on website

VI. General Inquiries

     A. Policy around financial support/legal advisement
     B. Fundraising opportunities in 2020/2021

VII. Succession Planning & Elections

     A. Current president (Jasmine Riley) formally resigns
     B. New president (Alisha Commodore) voted in unanimously
     C. Actively recruit for new positions

VII. Motion to Adjourn Meeting
VIII. Motion Approved passed by all members
IX. Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2020

6:30 - 8:00 (Conference Call)

Present: Brian Bradley, Jasmine Riley, Dana Ju, Alisha Commodore, Shaila Gupta, Angela
Jasper, Byron Greene, Tami Weerasingha, Danielle Moody


I. Call to Order at 6:36 pm
II. Approval of Meeting Meeting Minutes
III. Motion to Approve Meeting Meetings passed with all in favor
IV. Review of Budget & Finances
     A. Income from Tuition
     B. Income from No School Days
     C. Expenses
     D. Payroll
     E. Program/Enrichment Expenses
     F. Balance/Cash on Hand
     G. Retained Earnings
V. General Inquiries
     A. Computer Lab Usage
         1. Younger kids using ABC Mouse and PBS.org
         2. Older kids using Prodigy & trivia games
      B. Board consideration of an Entrepreneurship Program as an enrichment program
          for all ages, learning the value of money and budgeting
      C. Student Management
      D. Retention of further legal counsel needed
      E. Addressing families in need of aftercare tuition support-look to put an official
          policy in place for Star Achievers. Issue to discuss with legal counsel.

VI. Succession Planning & Upcoming Elections
      A. Elections for succession of new president
      B. Succession of current Vice President to take over as President at the end of
      C. Looking to fill the role of VP for the remainder of the school year
      D. Discuss filling positions among the board will continue via email
      E. Staffing of Star Achievers for 2020-2021 to be decided by April, 2020 meeting
      F. Ms. Jasper has excelled in her new role with a high rate of hiring taking place and
          to continue to provide curriculum
      G. Ms. Moody has excelled in managing parent relationships and working with the
          staff on a daily basis

      H. Suggestion of development or training be made available to the staff
      I. Benchmarking of other programs in the area and interests of parents for new
         enrichment programming
VII. Motion to Adjourn Meeting
VIII. Motion Approved passed by all members
IX. Meeting Adjourned at 7:21 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm 


Present: Callie Eideberg, Jasmine Riley, Andrea Goodman, Brian Bradley,Tami Weerasingha, Dana Ju, Alisha Commodore, Byron Greene, Danielle Moody, Angela Jasper


I. Approval of Meeting Minutes

   A.  Motion to approve meeting minutes for 10/28/19 meeting

   B.  Motion approved by all Board members 


II. Budget Report


III. Program Update

    A. Enrollment Review

    B. Enrichment Programs

    C. No School Days

    D. Upcoming No School Days Dates

    E. New Staff

      1. Ms. Rogers- 5th Grade

      2. Ms. Conte- Before care


IV. SESSA Student Care Resolution

   A. Overview of meeting with family, Board and SESSA Executive team.

   B. Parents and SESSA came to a very agreeable and positive resolution and next steps

   C. Parents were very complimentary of SESSA programming and staff.

   D. SESSA will continue to evaluate the needs of the child and monitor the progress of her interaction with other SESSA students and staff to

       better determine if further action needs to be taken in the future.

   E. In the spirit of wanting to make this situation work, is there a possibility of professional training or resources available to SESSA staff to help

       them navigate this situation and provide proper care/attention for the child.

   F. Immediate next steps is to further engage the parents to have a more structured role and come in on a more consistent weekly basis to

       assist and create a mutually learning environment for both parents and SESSA staff.

   G. Establish specific measurable goals/behavioral objectives (within the parameters of the established SESSA program) for parents to help

       SESSA to ensure a more conducive and participatory environment for the child. In the event that is not possible, other options need to be

       considered such as a dedicated aide to help integrate the child into the SESSA program and daily activities that other children are regularly

       participating in.

    H. The Board has determined that Counsel should remain on retainer for future issues that may arise and also to help us prepare adequate 

        language for the SESSA website so in the future SESSA has a clearly communicated policy/language around care for a child with special



V. 2020 SESSA Board Meeting Dates

    A.  No December 2019 Meeting 

    B.  Call for January

    C.  Meeting for February

    D.  Board President & VP to determine future meeting dates


VI. SESSA Holiday Celebration

    A.  Catered party for SESSA staff at the school

    B.  SESSA Executive Staff to plan the party

    C. Board letter to the SESSA staff

    D. SESSA Executive Staff to send out note to parents reminding them to thank their child’s aftercare teacher(s).


VII. SESSA Safety Review

    A.  Review safety procedures and reminding SESSA staff around outdoor pickup and dropoff.

    B.  Remind parents to follow safety and security rules put in place by SESSA.


Motion to end the meeting at 7:50 pm 

Motion approved by all Board members

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)

Present: Sara Faulman, Dana Ju, Andrea Goodman, Alisha Commodore, Brian Bradley, Callie Eideberg, Danielle Moody, Byron Greene, Jackson Carnes, Jasmine Riley, Shalia Gupta, Tami Weerasingha and Angela Jasper


Meeting called to order: 6:38 pm


I. Approval of 9/23 Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to Approve

  • Minutes Approved by all members


II. Review of Budget of Finance

 A. Profit and Loss

 B. Balance Sheet

 C. Discussion of 2019-2020 Bonuses


III. 2019-2020 Board Elections

 A. President: Jasmine Riley (Interim until February 2020)

       1. Sara Faulman steps down as current President of Star Achievers

       2. Motion to Accept Sara Faulman's resignation as of October 29, 2019

  A. Motion approved by all members

  B. Vice President elect: Alisha Commodore 

  • Motion to elect Jasmine Riley to become Interim President until February

  • Motion approved by all board members

  • Motion to elect Alisha Commodore to become Vice President

  • Motion approved by all board members

 C. Treasurer: Brian Bradley to remain as Treasurer

 D. Secretary: Dana Ju to remain as Secretary


IV. Aftercare Meeting Schedule for 2019-2020

  1. President and Vice President to decide future meeting dates for the remainder of the year and set a meeting schedule for 2020

  2. There will be no meeting in December.

  3. Board agreed not to have the meeting during the same week as the PTA and LSAT meetings. 


V. Star Achievers Programmatic & Administrative Updates

        A. Total Enrollment

        1. 169

        2. Before Care 20

        3. Aftercare 77

        4. Total Drop Ins 44

       B. No School Days

        1. 44 Enrolled for the 10/11 date

        2. $2113.02 in Expenses

        3. $1045.73 Profit

        4. There will be 9 No School Days available in 2019-2020

  C. Hired Three New Staff Members (for 2nd and 4th grade)

  D. Ideal to hire a floating staff member to help staff in case a teacher is out 

  E. Snacks

        1. Try to find alternatives to the gummy snacks

        2. Board will conduct more research on potential snack item


VI. Misc

  1. Aftercare student related issue

  2. Board decides further immediate action needs to be taken to try to resolve the issue with the parents as soon as possible

  3. Board President and Vice President to look into possible legal assistance necessary to help determine and clarify any liability on the part of Star Achievers.

  4. Board President and Vice President will discuss matters further with Ms. Jasper, Ms. Moody and Mr. Greene and report back to the Board on next steps and possible resolutions to the current situation.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:10 pm

November 18, 2019 is the next board meeting




Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)

Present: Jasmine Riley, Brian Bradley, Dana Ju, Callie Eideberg, Byron Greene, Andrea Goodman, Angela Jasper, Sara Faulman, Alisha Commodore, Phyllis Hedlund, Danielle Moody 


Meeting Called to Order: 6:40 pm


I.  Introductions

        A.New Interim Operations Manager, Danielle Moody

        B. Introduction of Board Members


II. Budget Overview 2019-2020

        A. Tuition Increase

        B. Overall Income

        C. Enrichment Program Costs

        D. Payroll

        E. Net Income

        F. Expenses

        G. Proposed tuition increase

        H. Balance to date

        I.  Profit & Loss

        J. Cash on hand

        K. Equity to date


Motion to approve the current budget with modifications to and to discuss amended changes to net income. These numbers are subject to change based on the Treasurer’s final assessment.


Motion Approved: All in favor

Motion Passed


III. Financial Assistance for Families in Need Consideration

       A. Situations for consideration

       B. Potential funding resources 

       C. Mechanisms for support and fundraising ideas


IV. Community Center Update

V. Enrollment Overview

A. Before Care

B. Aftercare

C. Enrichment Programs

D. PD Days

E. PD Day promotion

F. Several families have been identified as unable to secure childcare after dismissal with no ability to pay aftercare fees. SES will consider 

    approaches to support in current budget and family fundraising. Priorities for this need moving forward: 

  • Approach D.C. policy makers to support local budget for non-Title 1 scholarships.

  • Draft policy around scholarship requirements and decisions

  • Consider appropriate vetting process with Principal 


VI. Review of Minutes from 7/22/19

  1. Motion to Approve meeting minutes 

  2. Motion to approve the amended costs from the previous meeting minutes

  3. Motion approved with amended tuition increases                                                                                                                                           A. Tuition increase for before care $90 to $100                                                                                                                                           B. Tuition increase for aftercare $335 to $345 for aftercare                                                                                                                         C. Tuition increase for both $370 to $380

VII. New Board Members

  1. Current President & Vice President to step down no later than October

  2. Motion to accept Shaila Gupta as a member of the Star Achievers Aftercare Board

  3. Motion approved: All in favor

Next meeting: October 28, 2019

Meeting Adjourned: 8:02 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)



Present: Brian Bradley, Sara Faulman, Byron Greene, Angela Jasper, Dana Ju, Callie Eideberg, Andrea Goodman, Tami Weerasingha, Jasmine Riley, Phyllis Hedlund, Alisha Commodore



  1. Introductions 

  2. Budget Overview 2018-2019 SY                                                                                                                                                        A.Profit and Loss                                                                                                                                                                                      B. Balance Sheet Review                                                                                                                                                                          C. Enrichment Expenses 

  3. Projected Revenue for 2019-2020SY                                                                                                                                                         A. PD Days                                                                                                                                                                                           B. Enrichment Programs                                                                                                                                                                           C. Payroll                                                                                                                                                                                                 D. New Employee                                                                                                                                                                                     E. Proposed Tuition Increase from $80 to $90, $335 - $345, $370 - $380                                                                                                     F. Registration Fee Raised from $50.00 to $55.00


4. Preliminary Budget Approved


5. Motion to increase tuition across the board to $10 and increase registration by $5 per child. Motion approved (11 in favor/0 not in favor)


6. Motion to Adjourn 7:35 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)



Present: Brian Bradley, Sara Faulman, Dana Ju, Byron Greene, Callie Eideberg, Angela Jasper, Jasmine Riley, Tami Weerasingha, Andrea Goodman, Alisha Commodore


Meeting Called to Order: 6:39 pm


  1. Motion to Call meeting to order


 II. Motion approved


III. Welcome to new board members


IV. Introductions to new board members


  1. Review of Meeting Minutes  

  2. Meeting Minutes will reflect that Gwen Washington resigned immediately at the 5/20 meeting and the resignation was accepted. Email follow up from President to Gwen Washington will be sent to confirm.

 3. May meeting minutes were approved by the Board.

     Negotiation with Lowell or Takoma for play space


VI.      Financials


VII. Greatest Program Needs

            A . Curriculum Ideas


  2. IB International Experience

  3. Language

  4. Gardening

  5. Choir/Music


B. Programing enrichment for younger children is needed.


C. Board members to do research on potential ideas to bring to Star Achievers for 2019-2020 school year by June 21 to Ms. Jasper.


D. End of year survey to go out to parents before the end of the year.


E. Institute an orientation for all aftercare parents at the beginning of the year.     


VII. Motion to Adjourn Meeting


Meeting Adjourned: 8:36 pm

Next Meeting on Monday, July 22nd at 6:30 pm




Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)




Brian Bradley, Sara Faulman, Jasmine Riley, Gwen Washington, Sam Washington, Byron Greene, Dana Ju,  Angela Jasper, Alisha Commodore, Callie Eideberg, Jackson Carnes, Andrea Goodman, Liz Bradley



6:36 pm Meeting called to order


1.)   Review of 4/22 Meeting Minutes


2.)   Motion to Approve Meeting Minutes


3.)   Amend the spelling of the last name of Callie Eideberg


4.)   Current Membership

       a.)   Sara Faulman-will resign but stay on as interim President until new officers are elected by 2019-2020 school year

       b.)   Jasmine Riley-will resign but stay on as interim Vice President until new officers are elected by 2019-2020 school year

       c.)   Jackson Carnes-stay

       d.)   Dana Ju-stay (Secretary)

       e.)   Callie Eideberg-stay

       f.)    Alisha Commodore-stay

       g.)   Sam Washington-removed

       h.)   Gwen Washington-resigned

       I.)     Andrea Goodman-stay

       j.)     Brian Bradley-stay (Treasurer)

       k.)   Liz Bradley-stay


5.)   Motion to Vote on the Removal of Sam Washington from Board of Directors

       a.)   Roll Call Vote: (9=Remove,  1=Don’t Remove, 1 Abstain)


6.)   Star Achievers Staff Changes

       a.)   Operations Manager in her current rolen to take a reduced role as a Curriculum Coordinator onsite two days a week and         offsite       

       one day a week.

       b.)   Director will be here through the end of 2019 and possibly into early 2020 but likely transitioning out of this role.

       c.)   20 current staff members


7.)   Motion to Accept New Board Member Application for General Membership of Candidate A

       Vote: All in Favor to Accept


8.)   Motion to Accept New Board Member Application for General Membership of Candidate B

       Vote: 7 Not in Favor to Accept, 1 Abstain


9.)   Motion to Accept New Board Member Application for General Membership of Candidate C

       Vote: All in Favor to Accept


10.)   Budget Report

       a.)   Total Income

       b.)   Profit & Loss

       c.)   Cash on Hand

       d.)   Motion to Approve EOY Staff Bonuses of $500.00 per staff member (payment will be made in June) with the EOY pizza party-all in favor         motioned passed

       e.)   Motion to Approve EOY Bonus for Executive Director and Operations Manager for $2,000 each.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:25 pm

Next Meeting: June 3



Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)


Sara Faulman

Dana Ju
Byron Greene

Brian Bradley

Callie Eideberg

Andrea Goodman

Jasmine Riley

Liz Bradley

Angela Jasper

Jackson Carnes

Meeting Called to Order: 6:31 pm

  1. A.   Review of February Meeting Minutes

  2. B.   Motion to Approve Meeting Minutes for February Board Meeting-All in Favor

  3. C.   Budget Report

    1.    Expenses to Date Review

    2.    Profit and Loss Review

    3.    Net Income Review

D. No School Days Review

  1. Number of Enrolled on 4/4 is 61 with expenses of $2,697.25 and Net Profit of $1,860.25

  2. Number of Enrolled on 4/5 is 53 with expenses of $4,565 and a Net Profit of $1,227.50

  3. April had the highest NO PD Day enrollment for the year

E. End of Year Bonus will be determined at May 20t h Board Meeting
F. No delinquent payments to report
G. Contingency plan for outside play space during Community Center construction phase should be discussed at May 20 meeting

H. Board Composition for 2019-2020

  1. Board Recruitment

  2. Current President and Vice President will be leaving the Board at the end of school year

  3. Recruitment at upcoming PTA Meeting

  4. Word of mouth recruitment by May 17 to discuss for May 20 meeting

        5. Request to join Star Achievers will be sent to families to recruit new board members by

I. End of the Year Communications to Parents

  1. Marketing tool highlighting successes and stories--a year in review

  2. Policies and procedures put in place to improve security

  3. Star Achievers Extravaganza on May 22nd

        4. End-of-year summary will be sent to parents


Meeting Adjourned: 7:33 pm

Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)

Sara Faulman
Brian Bradley
Jasmine Riley
Jade Brawley
Byron Greene
Gwen Washington
Callie Eidenberg
Andrea Goodman
Alisha Commodore
Angela Jasper
Dana Ju


Meeting called to order 6:31 pm

I. Meeting Minutes Review

II. Budget Review

A. Net Income
B. Major Expenses
     a. Payroll
     b. Enrichment Program
     c. Supplies
C. Tuition & Program Income
D. Cash on Hand
E. Payables
F. Retained Earnings
G. Workers Compensation Insurance

III. Program
 A. Enrollment
     a. 20 in Beforecare
     b. 79 in Aftercare
     c. 62 for both before and aftercare
     d. 161 total enrolled
     e. 116 drops ins for 2019 so far
     f. Aftercare enrollment increased in 2019
     g. Projected fees for robotics-same
     h. Super Soccer Stars-need to get enrollment numbers up
     i. Reading & Writing Tutoring-the students are benefiting from the program
     j. Chess-continues to be popular with 51 participants

     k. Character Building/Behavioral Awareness/Personal Responsibility Programming
     l. No School Days - January, 2019
     i.  51 enrolled first day ($1631 net profit)
     ii. 52 enrolled second day ($1658 net profit)

B. Early Promotion/Marketing of Star Achievers Enrichment Programs & No School Days
     a. Neighborhood Listervs
     b. Social Media: FB, Twitter
     c. Marquee
     d. PTA Message
     e. Principal’s Message
     f. Sign at Front Desk

C. Registration for April PD Days
D. Cleaning Procedures for Aftercare
E. Basketball Hoops-they have arrived but need to be installed

Meeting Adjourned: 7:29 pm

Next meeting March 11



Shepherd Elementary School Star Achievers

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2019

6:30 - 8:00 (In person)


Sara Faulman
Bryan Bradley
Andrea Goodman
Liz Bradley
Alicia Commodore
Callie Eidenberg
Angela Jasper
Byron Greene
Dana Ju

Meeting called to order: 6:41 pm

I. Meeting Minutes
     a. 12/3/ Meeting Minutes approved from last meeting
II. Basketball hoops status
     a. One hoop has been procured
     b. The second one is backordered
III. Aftercare Snacks
     a. Monitored and handed out by Mr. Anderson
IV. Budget Review
     a. Overview of Profit & Loss
     b. Overview of Balance Sheet
     c. Profits
     d. Cost of Activities (Basketball, Robotics, Theater)
     e. Lower projected expenses
     f. Staff bonuses (23 staff members)
V. Upcoming PD Days
     a. Approved for February No-School Days Tuesday-Friday
     b. Two days in late April

V. Star Achievers Safety/Security Protocols Review
     a. Review of the situation that occurred
     b. Procedures and policies around bullying and ability to report bullying
     c. Closing summary of next steps that SA plans to implement around security and safety
     (enforcement of no parents downstair, security sweeps)
     d. Emergency SA Meeting took place on January 3

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